Life is the biggest game you will ever play.

I realize today a lot of things in my life. I realize that I cant be an asshole to everyone in my life because I care for a lot of people even though I have been hurt by them a lot. I am this guy who most of the time would do anything for anyone if they would ask me because I care too much. I know I get into peoples lifes too much but its because I want to help, I am a big worry bug kind of person who worries about everything. I realize that life we live in is the biggest game we will ever play. You put one quarter in and thats all you get is one chance at life so why not take risk with someone or something. Life is all about taken big or little risk and hoping it goes your way. I realize that people make mistakes a lot and know that if you care for someone giving them a 2nd chance might not be a bad idea. You might be surprise with that person you give another chance to because they might just touch your heart in a way you didnt think you could feel. My life recently has been all over the place. I was in a happy place a little while back but im working on making myself stronger again and getting back to that happy place I was once at. I know back a couple years I was not a great guy because I did just want to have fun and not care about others feeling but for some reason I finally grew up and realize life can flash by you really fast if you dont pay attention to it. So, now I am going to work hard to show people that I am a strong person who wont get walked all over or treated like shit. Because you have to remember that life is a game and when your game is over you want to know that you died taken every risk or chances you wanted to take in your life and not thinking about what if i did this or what if I gave this person another chance.