Let's Do Lunch w/ Oreo Jones – Episode 2 ft. A Squared

Oreo Jones hooks up with A Squared for the second episode of Let’s Do Lunch with Oreo Jones!

The month of December is nearly over, and in the world of Oreo Jones, that means another lunch date. In the second installment of Let’s Do Lunch with Oreo Jones, our host Oreo links up with Indianapolis concert promoters, djs, and on-air personalities, A Squared aka Andy and Annie Skinner to make the couple’s variation on grilled cheese, hash browns, and margaritas. The Skinners prove to be equally capable of having fun in the kitchen as they do in their musical endeavors. Watch for the special cameo by B Qwyatt. And now, Let’s Do Lunch!


What on Earth would inspire an up-and-coming emcee to start his own cooking show? In a single word–FOOD. Oreo Jones is known for his love of food, and in his new web series Let’s Do Lunch, Oreo shares that love and his awkward sense of humor with a new guest every month.

Huge things are in the works for Oreo Jones following his epic march on the indie hip-hop scene. He is currently trying to follow up the Delicious with a massive indie-rock collaboration EP being executive produced by Dodge of My Old Kentucky Blog. Currently the MOKB EP will feature collaborations between Oreo and Jookabox, the Woodhands, Slothpop, and We Are Hex. Also this winter, Oreo is re-entering the studio with his producer 90lbs to complete a follow up project to the Delicious EP titled Super Model Death Dive. Oreo Jones has been featured on the Album Review Blog, MOKB, Mostly Junk Food, The New Confusion, Caffeine Headache, Ruby Hornet, and Boom Boom Chick.



YOUTUBE: Let’s Do Lunch w/ Oreo Jones – Episode 2 ft. A Squared

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