Let's Do Lunch w/ Oreo Jones – Episode 1

Oreo Jones brings his love of food to Youtube with the debut of his new cooking show Let’s Do Lunch:

What on Earth would inspire an up-and-coming emcee to start his own cooking show? In a single word–FOOD. Oreo Jones is known for his love of food, and in his new web series Let’s Do Lunch, Oreo shares that love and his awkward sense of humor with a new guest every month. The series premiere finds Mr. Jones linking up with his tour DJ, DJ B-Qwyatt, to explore the art of cooking chili. As typically happens with these two, making something as simple chili quickly ventures into Jackass territory with Oreo eating a raw habanero pepper and getting slapped upside the head. I hope you have your appetite prepared. And now, Let’s Do Lunch!