Latex Body Paint

So last night (as many of you know) was the Super Hero and Villians party at Club Se7en. Naturally I got permission to “dress up”, but in all actually the term “paint up” would be more appropriate. And what better paint to use than the kind that you can just peel right off? Right? See my thought process on this? So the search for Latex Body Paint was on! For those of you who don’t know, Latex Body Paint is something you find an “Adult Novelty Store”. Can you guys imagine that amount of embarrassment I went through (being the mojo innocent) while calling all these shops in search of this paint insisting I needed it that day / night. LOL… oh it was comical! Anyway, my character was Mystique off X-Men. You know blue body… red hair… shapeshifter? If you don’t know… just google it already!

My adventure started at 8:00 pm with my friend Holz (GTChik on Mojo) and I getting ready to carry out what was once thought of as a brilliant plan… I now feel completely otherwise. We learned that it takes approximately three hours to properly paint a human body to where you can’t see your skin color. I know I don’t need to go into much detail, but let’s just say that literally 99% of my body was painted. Also once your painted, you tend to stick to yourself because latex adheres to latex. So imagine all the fun we had with elbows, legs, armpits, and even my neck when I would turn and look at something. Did I mention that we had Holz’ dog in the apartment with us? Haha… it got interesting a couple times when I almost got wrapped up in her dog leash / or in her as she was underfoot!

Holly being the great friend she is offered to drive me to work… good… b/c I really couldn’t sit down. I get there and no one recognizes me…. awesome… well except to my Mofo’s Alky, Jess, and Emily who came to see me. Let me mention that they beat me to my own job! Lol. I want to make note right here that when walking under heat lamps, latex tends to melt a bit and really get sticky… which I totally forgot standing at the entry of Se7en where I promptly really got stuck to myself! Which then got my stuck to Alky upstairs a bit when we hugged and got a picture! Learned first off… don’t touch people or let them touch you!

Honestly the night was blur, but fun. I tried to avoid people touching me and vice versa. Unfortunately some ass hole had to ruin the fun by trying to rip the latex off of me. Which then one of the bartenders thought it’d be great to finish off the job that the drunk started. Oh yeah… did I mention that Latex doesn’t breathe… it’s like a sauna if you’re not careful! Towards the end of the night that was a real problem! So I guess in a way I’m thankful I got partially ripped. But seriously, as of 2:00 a.m. I was in the bathroom peeling off layer by layer of this latex… I was so over it! Plus it felt really weird… seriously alien.

Did you now that it only takes half the time to get the latex paint off that it does on. Alsot hat it can hurt like a bitch to take off. Why people use this in the bedroom I have no idea! I also learned that if you had to tint the latex to begin with… without a doubt your skin will be that color when you take it off! I was very smurfy at 4 this morning… and now after three showers…. well I’m smurfy light. :crying: No seriously… it is kinda hilarious!

So in short… the best lesson learned last night was to NEVER use latex paint again…. for any reason. I just straight up won’t do it. I hope I never get hooked up with a guy that is into that shit, b.c. that would be the deal breaker right there. I’m about to clean up the mess that Holly and I made last night. I hope it won’t be too terrible! As a final closing note to this whole saga… You know who your best friend is when she volunteers to paint a nearly naked you with a straight face…. gives you a good laugh when she realized how uncomfortable YOU are… drives you to work in her vehicle and then leaves a party early to come get you b.c. you’re fed up with the situation… stands with you and painstakingly peels paint off of some very unflattering (well flattering if it were guy and girl action) places… and then still tells you what a beautiful smurf you’ll be at J.O.’s open bar party the next night if you can’t undye your skin! Thanks Holz… you truly are the best!