Ladymoon: Resurface

Ladymoon is a roller coaster of sound-provoked emotion. Resurface begins as a jolly gallop down the border of rock and psychedelia. For once, a wandering band that doesn’t purposely try to loose their listeners. But they have a harder edge, too, with a dash of Umphrey’s diceyness.

The sounds of Ladymoon are often so distinctly representative of varying moods that they paint vivid pictures with notes; jogging down a hilly trail through the woods or a rusty robot trudging toward me.

Tucked away on a few select tracks are special, intimate moments with Ryan Brown’s guitar that call out inspiration from the all-mighty Buckethead, but with an avant-garde twist.

Tripped out funk? Sure. Try ‘Money Shot’. Or ‘March of The Sugar Plum Fairy’ meets The Disco Biscuits? How about track #7, Rumpelstiltskin.

Rumored to already be working on their next album, Ladymoon promises their next release to be more of a rock concert and less of a musical excursion. Even if this is so, Resurface proves the band extremely capable of performing engrossing extended jam sessions. Live, these skills create a fresh, unique show every time.