Ladymoon Organizes Party Bus to Louisville

ATTENTION INDIANAPOLIS MUSIC SCENE! Read on to discover the best way to support local music at out-of-town venues.

This past weekend, Indiana Filmmaker Morgan Mead premiered his latest movie, My Bloody Wedding, at the Derby City Film Festival in Louisville, KY. Indianapolis-based bands Ladymoon and Beta Male were honored and excited to provide music for the movie’s soundtrack. Accordingly, the two bands joined forces to headline the official after-party at Headliners.

With faith in their fans’ loyalty and dedication, Ladymoon saw an opportunity to bring a solid crowd to the show in Kentucky while simultaneously enhancing the experience for their followers. The final details of the event were as follows:

Cost per person: $25
What you got in exchange: a chartered bus ride to and from Louisville, beer and jell-o shots provided on the bus, and admission to the concert upon arrival.

What began as an experiment ended so successfully that a trip to Lafayette is already in the works for April.

Perhaps the biggest pitfall was the band’s need to arrive early for equipment setup and sound check. Alas, we were unable to enjoy the ride down with our friends Ryan, Kris, and Nick.

In their place as coordinator of the trip stood Sarah Davis, who I affectionately came to refer to as our