Kokomo’s Twisted Darkness Lives Up To Its Name

Twisted Darkness - IndyMojo.com Spook StaffKokomo’s Twisted Darkness impressed our Spook Staff from the minute we arrived until the very last scream of the night.

The haunt is housed entirely inside of the historic Kokomo Tire & Rubber Co. Building (1022 S. Main St.) and it’s the perfect space for an elaborate haunted attraction like theirs. With year-round access to the building, owners Ronnie and Steffannee Catron are always tinkering within the depths of Twisted Darkness.

Although Twisted Darkness has been in operation for seven years, the 2014 season presents an entirely new layout that has been rebuilt from the ground up. If you’ve been to Twisted Darkness before, you’ll want to check it out again this year for a brand new experience.

The first half of Twisted Darkness lives up to its name, winding attendees through dimly lit hallways, tunnels and dungeons. Some actors stalked us as we moved about in the haunt, while others played their role from their distinct room. My personal favorite was one particularly flexible patient in the psych ward portion of the haunt.

The second half of Twisted Darkness is less intense, but equally as fun and disorienting. Victims are given 3D glasses to wear through a vivid world of color that’s brought to life by black light responsive paint. A circus-themed maze concludes the attraction that’s simply not as easy as it seems it should be.

The Spook Staff didn’t have the chance to partake in the new zombie hunting attraction since it wasn’t open yet, but Spook Staff veteran Brandon Connolly took good notes while the Catron’s told us about the new attraction:

puckAfter seven years of operation, the crew has decided to convert the 2nd floor of the haunt in to a laser tag zombie zone. This feature will allow groups of four people armed with a laser-tag guns (equipped with CO2 cartridges for firing noise and kick-back effect) to clear all rooms of any zombie threats. The zombie crew dons their laser receivers on their head, so you know, aim for the head (because they’re zombies). Score is kept and uploaded to the Twisted Darkness website so you can compete with friends or try to beat your own high score. This feature will be available for the first time this weekend.

Note: this video is a simulation and does not contain actual footage from the Twisted Darkness zombie hunt.

Spook Staffer Pali (pronounced “Polly”) Endi made note of the haunt’s reputation and production:

paliNear the middle of historic Kokomo, a long, boarded up building stands, ominous. A talented host of zombie actors, gruesome effects, and sense-warping obstacles stand ready to twist the darkness into a truly unnerving synesthetic experience.

For the past seven years, the owners of Twisted Darkness have developed both the building and their talent. Named the number one haunt by The Midwest Haunters Convention in 2011 and 2012 and “Best in Show” by Kokomo’s Haynes Apperson Parade in 2010, the Twisted Darkness staff is regularly recognized for their hard work and demented sense of entertainment. As the saying goes, there is no rest for the wicked; in the off-season, they also travel to conventions to learn from other haunters and add to their prop stockpile. The result is an intricate, multifaceted spectacle, well worth the drive.

twisted darkness

Spook Staff veteran Morgan Walker loved her experience at Twisted Darkness:

morgan-walkerTwisted Darkness had frights built into it that I have never seen in any other haunted house before. At one point I found myself working my way through an air-tight hallway where I couldn’t see anything and had no idea what kind of decrepit creatures would be waiting for me at the other end. The 3D spinning tunnel and the crazy, neon-glowing world were both as exciting as they were scary.

Overall, it is very obvious that the creators of this haunt have put an insane amount of planning into it. The actors were on point, the production was extremely scary and the thought and creativity that went into it was unlike any I have ever seen. Twisted Darkness is definitely worth the hour drive to Kokomo.

Erin Perkins had similar favorite moments:

erin-perkinsTwisted Darkness was exactly what the name implies- a winding path through dark trails and mazes. The hour drive from Indianapolis to Kokomo goes by fast waiting in anticipation and it is well worth the trip.

Once you’re in, there is no turning back as you lead yourself through a twisted, almost completely dark, path. Watch out for the maze because you will take a wrong turn and the ghouls will be waiting when you mess up. Don’t forget to leave your 3D glasses on as they take you down a vortex tunnel you won’t soon forget. The overall experience was indeed a scary one and, with a zombie laser tag opening upstairs on the weekends, this haunt is one for the books.

Twisted Darkness

1022 S. Main St. Kokomo, IN

Visit their website for dates and hours of operation

Twisted Darkness and Twisted Illusions 3D: $15

RIP (no waiting in line pass): $25