King Britt to bless Indy

So…Who is King Britt and why don’t you want to miss his show at Blu Lounge on Thursday, April 29th?

King Britt has never been an easy talent to pin down. The common thread, perhaps, throughout the career of the easy going Philadelphia artist is one of experimenting. In every genre he tackles, he’s always been a little out in left field. That’s been true from his beginning as DJ for jazz/hip-hop hybrid act Digable Planets, through his robust house career, on to his latest forays into live electronic improvisation. It’s perhaps the house heads who most fiercely embraced him at first over the last decade, and King has given them plenty to get warm and fuzzy about. His signature sound is soulful and funky, chock-full of collaborations with new and exciting vocalists, but it never devolves into hippie-ish crunchiness. At the same time, recent years have seen another side of King, with experiments like 2006’s The Nova Dream Sequence, an outer-space techno adventure that ran through any number of cutting-edge gadgets, including even a hacked Game Boy Advance. But before he floats completely into orbit, King’s got a last hurrah with straight-up dance music. Enter “Intricate Beauty”, his new artist album for Nervous Records. It’s his final traditional dance album