Killing my ego for some cans of beer

So the lovely Miss Kimberly and I had finally made it to Carb Day this past weekend and we had, to our surprise, actually made it to the track in time to actually see the start of the Kid Rock concert. We even found a pretty solid parking spot – this was almost too easy.

We finally pull into our parking spot and are heading towards the greatest party spectacle in racing – Carb Day, as I reach into Kim’s cooler to pull out the first beer of the day. You see, the deal was that I would drive and in return Kim would bring the bruskis.

Well, as I reach into the cooler and pull out the first soon-to-be-consumed-ice-cold beer from Kim’s cooler I notice something quickly. Being a first-timer to the track and not knowing any better, Kim had bought all bottles. To the track novice, this may seem like small potatoes, but to an experienced Carb Day veteran this broke the first rule of the track’s BYOB – no glass.

Kim was freakin’ out and rightly so – we were headed to the Kid Rock concert and a Kid Rock concert with no beer wasn’t an option.

As we continued to walk closer to the track we luckily ran into a group of people from Shelbyville who I overheard saying had ’18 cases of beer’. Me, being the optimist, thought that they would surely trade us out some legit beer cans for our illegal bottles.

As I approached and asked the group, they seemed pretty open to helping a couple of needy beer drinkers out – as long as I did one thing. All I had to do was beat one of their buddies in arm wrestling and they would be more than happy to swap us out some cans of beer in return…no questions asked.

‘No problem’, I thought and got ready to arm wrestle my opponent for, what I thought, was a more than worthy cause. As I gripped the hand of my newfound friend who was wanting to rip my arm off accross the cooler, we were set to duel it out. We were going to settle this once and for all – we were going to arm wrestle.

Well, after getting my ass handed to me 3 or 4 times straight (I had to make sure) they all started laughing and let me in on the fact that the guy was a profesional arm wrestler. They thought that it was hilarious as my arm was basically ripped out of socket – all for the hope in getting some beers into the track.

Well, as I said, I lost – BIGTIME, but luckily they were all cool enough to swap me out some bruskis anyways.

Like I said – I’ll do anything for some beer. :)