Juxtapoze: The Psynapse Edition

A long-standing Tuesday tradition at The Melody Inn, Juxtapoze features local DJ talent specializing in drum and bass, breakbeats, house, techno, and other forms of electronica.

Tucked away in the back of The Melody Inn is a small room that few people know exists. It’s equipped with two round booths, a tiny bar, ultra-dim lights, and a concrete floor. Generally, it’s used to accommodate overflow from the main room in the bar, but as of the beginning of this month, Juxtapoze is breathing life back into the hideaway.

One Tuesday March 2nd, a last-minute decision yielded an impromptu set-up in the back room featuring dubstep specialist and Juxtapoze resident Psynapse. Observing just inches from the table, it was easy to get lost in his rhythmic, continuous beats. As he turned knobs and pressed buttons the effect was instantly audible, allowing spectators to literally see the musical manipulation as it happened. Shortly after his set commenced, Psynapse caught the attention of nearly everyone in the bar as they migrated to the back, leaving the main performing DJ with a sparsely populated room.

Rumors indicate that the special (fun!) backroom setup will soon become a monthly highlight at Juxtapoze.

See you at The Mel, mofos!