Justin Carter Indiana Generals Spotlight Player #11

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Question # 1

Congrats on being named to the All IFL team. How honored are you by that selection?


First of all, thank you for contacting me for the player spotlight.

I am extremely honored. I was not, by far, the best linebacker on the team. There were bigger, faster, and just better guys there. I work hard and it’s very rewarding when it’s noticed… So from the bottom of my heart….thanks (to those who selected me)!

Question # 2

How long have you been playing minor-league professional football?


Man….I have been playing for a while but it really seems like yesterday when I first started playing for the Central Indiana Bears, played their for two year then we turned into the Indianapolis Sabers with Randy as the owner. I have to say one of the best teams ever. I was there for two years when they folded. I was welcomed by a group of guys with the Broncos, who I now consider life long friends and won my first championship with. They folded as well so we joined a talented Cutters team and ended up winning two more ships. Then I played a season in New Mexico, which was a blast. I was lucky enough to be on a team that was really good so that made for a good time. Look them up…New Mexico Wolfpack!! Last and certainly not least, the Generals. The best coached team I have been on and I have to say….I don’t want to play with any other defense. These guys are the best! I am looking forward to next season. So I think that’s a few years (lol).

Question # 3

Who is your favorite NFL linebacker and why?


My favorite linebacker…..hmmmm. Man it’s hard to go against the Urlacher, but I am a big fan of the guy here in Indy….Gary Bracket. He isn’t a huge guy but he is fast and will take on anyone. You always see him around the ball and I like that.

Question # 4

What is your height and weight? This is for all the readers who may think you have to be a certain size to play certain positions. You epitomize the “fight in the dog” concept.


Well I like to say I am 5′ 10″ but I’m closer to 5’9″. I played this year at 200-205, but I’m at 215 right now. Size helps but you don’t always have to make the tackle. As long as you clog a hole or slow the runner up, my teammates have my back. It’s funny though, with the D-line we had I could have been 150 and successful. The LBs had it made….we actually were able to play our position the way it is suppose to be played. Mainly because of the guys in front and behind us.

*** Editor Note: Wonderful answer!

Question # 5

Have you always been a linebacker?


Actually, I was a quarterback for the longest time. Even in high school I started out as a QB but got hurt and a guy came in and balled out so I lost it. I was asked if I wanted to play anywhere else and since I love to hit I chose linebacker. Ever since, I have been a linebacker and really couldn’t see myself anywhere else.

Question # 6

Were you surprised by any aspects of the season?


I was surprised that a lot of teams took us so lightly. With the way we were beating teams it seemed as if everyone thought we were getting lucky. We practiced hard and I can say this now…harder than any other team and it showed. We wanted it, more than other teams. I’m not saying that to be cocky but it’s true. We came out on the field with an attitude and the question was not who was gonna win but how much we were gonna score. We had a fire inside us and mine isn’t out yet!

Question # 7

How much longer will you play?


Well, God willing I will be playing for a lot longer. I have great support at home and actually my kids love it. My son loved coming to my games and always ask me now, if we won every weekend. Put it this way, I wanna be like a guy we had this past season nicknamed Ol’ School. I think he is like 100 years old but still in pretty good shape (lol).

Question # 8

What do you do to make a living?


I am what is called a career profiler for Profyle Tracker. We do permanent placements in IT, sale and marketing. Mostly, director level and above. If you know a company that needs a recruiter….let me know.

Question # 9

Anything else that you would like to say?


I want to say thank you to the Generals for letting me join their team this year. I had the best time this year and I can’t wait to go back to back next year. To the defense, stay healthy and hungry and let’s make sure we stay together! We are the heartbeat of this team and that is the only way we can make this a dynasty….oh and if Jeremy (franchise QB Jeremy Hibbeln) sticks around!!