Just a quick, short update

As per my last entry, my apologies for drunken 5am blogging rants. A dozen beers and a couple shots of whiskey tends to bring out the asshole in me sometimes. And it doesn’t help when I get back from a night of good times and good music to a stream of emails bearing me bad news and causing unnecessary grief and drama in my life.

Just want to state again that WILL WOODROW PROJECT and GASH HOUND are two really awesome bands, and good people, so if you get a chance you’ll definitely want to check them out at a club near you. You can find Woodrow every Thursday night at LIZARDS on the South Side, and on August. 22nd at ZANIES TOO.

The easiest way to check out GASH HOUND would be at the MELODY INN on Sept. 2nd (with THE DWELLERS), and Sept. 11th at THE EMERSON THEATER.

And hey, dig these guys on Myspace and show them some love!!!

Have a great weekend INDY!

PS: And one more time, thanks to JK and INDY MOJO for the ride offer last night to get out to THE VOGUE for what I’m sure was an amazing evening of original music. I’ll catch ya next time dudes!