Jukebox The Ghost @ The Earth House Collective

With the ever changing persona that is Indie Pop music, I never know who is making waves in that genre. I personally look for bands like Man Man or Sonic Youth to be the most outstanding. Indie Pop has a new hipster feel now, and with the bands that I watch perform last Friday at The Earth House Collective, these acts have defined this genre as both creative and still really cool to listen to. The first band that opened the bill was the Boston, MA band Pretty and Nice. These guys were fun to watch live and their songs are very catchy. “Tora,Tora,Tora” the first single of their latest record “Get Young” which was released last year on their label (Black Bell, Hardly Art) was an energetic and upbeat tune that made the audience dance around a little to it’s groovy beat and catchy melody. Pretty and Nice were very cool dudes and were a fun band to see live, definitely a band you’ll want to check out. Wakey! Wakey! from Brooklyn, NY took the stage next and with their frontman Mike Grubb (vocalist/piano) having charisma and interacting with the audience, claiming he talked to much on this tour. The audience didn’t seem to mind, Grubb’s humor was appreciated and instantly won the crowd over with an intimately, funny cover of Cyndi Lauper’s 1984 hit “Girl’s Just Want To Have Fun”. Wakey! Wakey! is currently out promoting their album

“Almost Everything I Wish I’d Said The Last Time I Saw You” which was release in 2010 on their label (Family Records/Timber St.) Finally headliner Jukebox The Ghost who ironically reminded me of Ben Fold’s Five gave an amazing performance. The band had mentioned to me that they had opened up for Ben Fold’s at Radio Radio a few years back the last time they were in Indianapolis. The Washington D.C. trio has also opened for Guster another band that seemed to have greatly influenced Jukebox The Ghost. Jukebox The Ghost covered Huey Lewis and The News 80’s classic “Power of Love” which was the staple theme song for the film Back To The Future. Jukebox The Ghostis promoting their album “Everything Under The Sun”that features the single “Empire” that has very dynamic rhythms and gracious melodic vocals. I’d imagine “Empire” will soon hit local stations like 92.3 WTTS very soon, if it hasn’t already. Lead (vocalist/piano)Ben Thornewillgave the crowd a special thank you performance after the crowd demanded an encore. He instructed the crowd to go downstairs into the cafe’ area of The Earth House Collective where he performed a song by himself due to the hard curfew of 11pm for noise. Anyone who is following this tour definitely enjoyed that act of fan appreciation. Jukebox The Ghost, Wakey! Wakey! & Pretty and Nice all seemed pleased with their tour stop at The Earth House Collective. I hope they’ll come back to Indianapolis soon. If you missed them this time, you’ll definitely want to check them out when they come back.

-Bradley Scott Cummins