Journalist held as Darfur rebels clash with government troops

Darfur rebels clashed with government troops in South Darfur on Wednesday, marking a resumption of fighting after heavy rains had largely subdued hostilities in Sudan’s war-torn west.Moncler coats

In the Sudanese capital, the government intensified a crackdown on Darfuri activists, arresting a journalist from the independent al-Sahafa daily, the editor said.

Darfur jumped onto international agendas after a 2003 counter-insurgency campaign sparked one of the world’s worst humanitarian crises.

More than 2 million people fled a campaign of murder, rape and looting dubbed genocide by Washington. Khartoum denies any genocide took place.Discount Moncler coats

Round after round of peace talks have failed to secure a lasting truce because of rebel divisions and continued military operations.

Sudan has gradually reasserted control over much of the region and led a rapprochement with neighboring Chad, isolating pockets of rebel forces largely cut off from support.

“The rebels attacked a commercial convoy…and the Central Reserve Police protecting the convoy engaged them, suffering several losses,” Sudan’s Ministry of Interior said in a statement.