JetBlue Passenger Pees on 11-year-old Girl During Flight

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So, I just discovered the joys of drinking on a plane. Or before you get on one. It turns that feeling of “Oh my God, Turbulence. WE ARE GONNA DIE!” into the more manageable “Turbulence. Cool.”

However, there is a point when too much is too much. An 18 year old man named Robert Veitz discovered just that. Vietz got white boy wasted on a red eye flight. He got up and stumbled about 5 rows back. Assuming he was in the bathroom (God-this ALWAYS happens to dudes), he whipped his shit out and started to pee. But he wasn’t in the bathroom. He was in the aisle, peeing on an 11 year old girl whose father was in the restroom. Needless to say, dude got arrested.

I know it happens to the ladies occasionally. Never happened to me. But sometimes drunk people get confused. And most times if someone pees in your closet, on your cable box or on your 11 year old child, it’s a dude. Maybe we should watch our intake boys………..

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