J. Brookinz – "Stuck" ft. Grey Granite, Nate Karamanski, and Kid Algebra

In preparation for Gateway 2, J. Brookinz links up with Grey Granite, Kid Algebra, and Nathan Karamanski on the lead single “Stuck”:

With April now in full swing, J. Brookinz sparks up the first joint from Gateway 2. “Stuck” is a psychedelic ode to being so high you can’t move that features Grey Granite, Kid Algebra, and Nathan Karamanski. The track is a hazy representation of the Indianapolis beatsmith’s direction for Gateway 2. On the follow up to his smoker’s delight The Gateway Drug, J. Brookinz gets in touch with his inner hippie by crafting a hip-hop album from the producer’s psy rock influences. Watch for Gateway 2 to blaze up April 15, 2011 just in time for your holiday celebrations!

During the spring and summer of 2010, J. Brookinz reasserted why he is hands down the Highest Man Alive. 4/20/2010 found the producer (and sometimes rapper) releasing his most well received project to date. The Gateway Drug: THC was Mr. Brookinz’s love letter to the light of his life–marijuana. As a testament to how intertwined cannabis and hip-hop have become in American culture, the project was featured on blogs such as Ruby Hornet, Kick Kick Snare, Mostly Junk Food, Noise Porn, Check The Rhymes, and Tune Devil. Watch for J. Brookinz to follow up The Gateway Drug’s success with Gateway 2 dropping April 15, 2011!





DOWNLOAD: J. Brookinz – Stuck ft. Grey Granite, Kid Algebra, & Nathan Karamanski

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