J. Brookinz blazes again with The Gateway Drug: Re-Lit

In celebration of Halfway to 4:20, J. Brookinz is releasing a remastered version of The Gateway Drug: THC!

On 4/20/2010, J. Brookinz provided the world with a little bit of holiday cheer from the Indianapolis hip-hop music community. Now, on the halfway mark to 4/20/2011, Mr. Brookinz is putting the blunt back to the flame with The Gateway Drug: Re-Lit. This deluxe edition contains remastered versions of the classic joints and a smokin’ remix from drum-n-bass prodigy Dave Owen. Featuring Naptown heavy weights like alpha.live, Com.Dot, Grey Granite, Oreo Jones, Rusty Redenbacher, the Night Riders, and Yeti-One, Brookinz does his best to put on for his city. Even if you don’t blaze, the soulful bangers from J. Brookinz and company are must haves for your collection!


DOWNLOAD: J. Brookinz presents The Gateway Drug: Re-Lit | Sound Cloud