I’ve finally given in.

Well, I’ve done it. Finally cracked. Broke down and hopped on the express train to life. Never thought it would actually happen. I’ve always believed it was of the devil and saw nothing good come from it. Never really knew what it was about, not that I was scared to find out, more or less just dis-interested, if you will. But out of sheer boredom and curiosity…I’ve done it. I went and created a myspace page. I know what you’re thinking…big deal, I’ve had one of those forever. I…have not. Was broken up pretty bad last year…and it was due to this…evil…trendy thing called myspace. I never really networked online or anything, but I had a girlfriend…of about a year and a half…we had our rough times and such, but nothing prepared me for the ultimate heart break. April 24th, 2007….the day I start my big job for the awesome company I work for…that night what happens…my girlfriend of almost two years breaks up with me…I took it pretty hard…hell…it was the first time that anyone has broken up with me really. About a month and a half goes by, and we talk a bit here and there…laugh, have fun…end up even inviting me over for dinner one night…we then decide to work on things. Well, about four months go by and things start getting sour again, I want more, I want to make it official again…become titled…ya know, girlfriend/boyfriend stuff…and she keeps brushing me off, acidentally slips a few times and tells me she loves me…shrugs it off and says, oh sorry it was just a force of habit. What I’ve failed to mention in this four month span…is that I had paid her rent, utilities and cell phone bill on occasion…taken her to dinner at nice restaurants, bought her things out of the kindness of my heart (I know I know, my own stupidity)…October 2007 rolls around…my birthday…come to find out…she’s been talking to a guy she knew a long time ago…and where did she find him…on fucking myspace…thus my ill will and contempt for such a thing. I’ve felt that I’ve moved on…I know some of you may find it stupid that I had such strong feelings against it…and what not…it’s a website. So, I’m trying to move forward from things…baby steps, if you will. I went and created a page…I’m attempting to ease into it and such. So bare with me.

myspace link thingy

So, if you get a chance…add me or something…help me get my feet wet lol.