I’ve been in the wild…your turn!

For my birthday in 1995 I recieved a copy of a new book by auther Jon Krauker called Into the Wild. The book is about a free spirited individual by the name of Chris McCandless who leaves the modern world and a life of privilege to find one thing….himself! I will assume that you have either read the book or already seen the movie. For those who have read Krakaur’s other works you understand the tangents he goes on as you read. I always thought it was for an extra sense of placing the read in that particular moment. However, those tangents could be come annoying. Sean Penn did a perfect job in translating the story from paper to film. What I took from the movie was the visuals of the wilderness and the struggle to understand oneself.

Now when I recieved the book I was starting to take my own adventures, and challenging my own mortality, skill, strength and existence. Since that time I have completed climbs (both verticle & mountaineering) in the Rockies, Sierra Nevadas, Causcades & Smokie Mtns. I have been thrown from a boat multiple times white water rafting down both the Arkansas and Colorado rivers. So if it was being an old man pushing himself to walking to the top of a small hill to see the view, instead of seating on his butt. Watching a bridge pass you over your head as you are making your way down river. How about simply smelling the air of a crisp fall/winter morning as you step out of your tent. These are the experiences and senses that I remember and allowed me to place myself in both the book and more so in the movie.

My question to my readers is how do you relate to this movie? How would you or how do you challenge yourself and/or the meaning of your existences?