it’s not the devil calling

As my first blog since being an intern I am going to share what’s been happening… then go into my life lesson :)

okay so I graduated, with the help of JK and Smitty…. time to enter the real world…. no journalism jobs… okay so I’ll go to job fairs and put my resume into the world – someone will want a fresh college graduate (holla for my IU degree) – right away right? wrong…. months and months of job searching goes by —-

well ok so I slacked a little on the amount of places I put my resume and I took the first job offered to me out of college, a step in the right direction, my foot in the door to many opportunities – which is still the plan in process, but with the economy and oh yea the bill that was passed (the healthcare/education one… yea that one) who knows where my company lies in the future –

if you didn’t know i work for a well known company… a well known student loan company… anyway when I say where.. I usually get the groans and moans and I hate you’s so let’s avoid those shall we?

anyway so daily i hear people stories and i also hear all the fun places i can go or the fun places people say they can pull money out of…. i heard death threats and how the lord is going to be upset with me – i get called name after name all because im asking you for money you know you owe –

anyway i just wanted to say it’s not that hard to be nice on the phone – people act the way on the phone as they do on the interwebs – it’s not face to face so it’s easier to fight and say hurtful things – minus the fact online it can be more anonymous than on the phone considering i have all your non public info in front of my face – i know who you are – and calling me a bitch isn’t going to pay your bill.

another thing having your three year old child pick up the phone saying – drop dead then hanging up – GREAT parenting… ps i could HEAR YOU IN THE BACKGROUND… jackass

just because it is your birthday does not mean you get to skip your monthly payment…

just remember calls are monitored and recorded what you say is on file – so don’t change your story when i call the next time, and if you say you are unemployed that’s fine if you really are but next time tell your wife so that when i call you two are on the same page and she doesn’t tell me oh he’s at work he will be home at 5.. interestinggggg

people make it harder on themselves than they really have to – cursing at someone when you made the mistake is just silly…. i wish i could share the recordings with you all but due to privacy laws I can’t all i can do is try to teach the world to be nicer on the phone – then maybe life can be just a little smoother for all of us :)