Its been a good run

The vast majority of you have never met me, but perhaps you will read this anyway.

Two years ago, I “followed my heart” and moved to bloomington. It was absoulutely fantastic until we broke up a year and a half later. That was probably the worst I have ever felt in all my life (my grandpa died about a week later)

Still, this was the best decision I have ever made in my life, even if we are no longer on speaking terms. I learned so much about myself, and grown so much. I believe I hit rock bottom, or pretty close to it. I have made some of my best friends here in bloomington,and I hope I never ever lose touch with them.

I wanted to stay in bloomington, return to school at IU, and continue on with my life. My ex couldn’t really understand why I would want to stay in bloomington, when I had so much support at home, and in state tuition at home, but much to his dismay, I was bound and determined to make it here in bloomington.

I went home for the first time since Christmas, this past fourth of july weekend. I saw my moms parents-whom I hadn’t seen since thanksgiving. My grandma was diagnosed with alzheimers a year and a half ago, and seems to be getting worse and worse each time I see her. So I have made the decision to move back to columbus. One of the biggest regrets I have, is not getting there in time to say good bye to my grandpa-because I wanted to wait until the next day to drive home since it was getting dark, and I didn’t feel like driving. How effing selfish of me.

I realized, its time to stop doing what I want, and start doing what is best for me, and giving back to the people who have given me so much over the years. I don’t want to move back, this was an extremely difficult decision, that has caused me to be insanely emotional. But, I will continue on my studies at Ohio State, and only have to pay in state tuition. (The residency thing here is really F’d up, and I’d have to file all sorts of appeals, and what not)

So-its been a good run, Bloomington, you’ve shown me a good two years of fun, but like many others, its time that I leave you. I will miss all my friends so much (Austin, you better come down and see me) But alas, my journey here has ended.