It’s 2 O’clock in the Morning Dammit

& I am awake

(sigh) I can’t stay asleep anymore past 3-4 hrs.

Last weekend was just fantastic. Not only the weather but also, the wonderful company Ive kept. My sister April came down Saturday morning to join me @ JAC/Zaphod’s wedding. It was lovely, I’m so happy for them both. I hope they find nothing but peace, happiness & joy in their life together.

Finding the church was a bit confusing b/c both April & I are directionally challanged but we managed to squeeze in under the wire of its beginning. The reception followed & was filled with fun, frivolity, food, & dancing. April & I sat w/the other MoFo (Rincewind, Big Sea, MM&I, Munin, Yodduh, Bird, Clevermaiden, On a Phoenix Wing, Boston Girl) that attended & everyone seemed to be happy I’d brought April along for she inigrated well & kept up a steady conversation w/everyone. (she’s more outgoing than me)

From there we went to Conner’s Place in New Albany for Oktoberfest tasting of many beers, some were tasty, others were a bit creepy to my tongue but other MoFo who showed up there liked them just fine. We stayed out until my meds crashed & I could no longer stay awake so we skipped off to our hotel room & slept.

Sunday we munched out @ the hotel for breakfast & then she had to go home & so did I. Later I went to Flanagan’s & several folks showed up. It was fun, the waitress remembered what I drink, the cheesy breads were as always DIVINE, the company was fantastic as always & the conversations ran from risque to ribald to basically anything else you can imagine. Afterwards it was Graeter’s for ice cream & we sat about the patio giggling some more while licking their cold concoctions of delightful joy from dripping cones.

I love these people, how could one not? They’re great folks, full of fun, laughter & life itself. I’m glad I joined this club. I crashed @ Yevla’s house & spent this morning as his Mexican chauffeur. We’d plans to meet up w/Steve later on for lunch @ Bucca de Beppo after wrapping up errands. We went into a book store later & I rounded a bookshelf & ran into Steve sitting there on a chair reading. I just smiled to myself, b/c I find it funny that here we were to meet later & yet-
odd how life works sometimes. :)

So off to lunch we went earlier than we’d planned & it was of course, YUMMY! I’d told Yevla I wanted spaghetti for lunch. Long loopy strands of rich tomato sauce soaked spaghetti that I could slurp into my mouth like the movie Lady & the Tramp while doing it & I wanted it to dribble on my chin & giggle when it did so. I didn’t care if I looked like a 8yr old or a 88yr old, I was going to do just this. I also wanted HUNKS of garlic bread soft in the middle, w/just enough of a crust that I hear it when I bite it, & yummy olive oil rich with spices/herbs to drag it thru before I popped it into my waiting mouth. I wanted a salad. One w/those tiny tomatoes I can pop into my mouth & feel their red firm selves burst as I bite them & the crisp greeness of the garden leaves to make my tongue tingle & that I wanted a MEATBALL too! One the size of a Volvo that I could wave about on my fork as I gnawed bites from it. I got EXACTLY that for my lunch today.

Well, except for the tomatoes, instead they’d put icky olives on it which I promptly plopped onto Steve’s plate. He loves those weird textured fruits- BLEH.

Afterwards, we went to Heine Bros indulging ourselves ingesting more delectable calories. They’d been kind enough to pony up lunch for me so I treated for the Iced Chai teas, & frozen crack. We sat outside in the sunshine/fresh air & it was nice to be w/them, I so love them both, they’re good friends to me & Im glad I found them along this path of my life. While sitting there, a young man got out of a truck & I knew him instantly; yelled his name & took off running toward him to jump into his arms for a hug for it was none other than Dante, a friend of my son’s whom Ive known since he was but a wee chit around the age of eight. Along w/him was Aric another friend of Zack’s & it was good to see them, especially Dante, for I haven’t seen him in a while & Aric I see now/then about town. I introduced them to the guys & they joined us @ our table for a bit. It was so good to see them. Afterwards, they left to practice for Dante & Aric have a band that plays @ the Rud sometimes along @ other places around LV. I took Yev home & Steve flew off on his motorbike to parts unbeknownst to us.

I do wish he’d wear a helmet, it bothers me to see him not. Not only b/c hes my friend & I worry about all of them, but b/c I work in a hospital & see firsthand what happens to unprotected craniums, the persons they once belonged to AND the loved ones they leave behind.

He has a hard head, I KNOW this, danmed stubborn twit of a badgerbutt that he is but dammit, even a head as hard as his Oak hewn one won’t win in a fight against a 2 ton vehicle. It won’t dent a damned thing, but it will cave in & I rather LIKE his head the way it is even if it is filled w/a bunch of arrogant stubbornness, humorous names to call me, stick in the mud ideas & a vast array of knowledge.

BUT he IS a grown man & Im not his mom/wife/or even a girlfriend, Im just another friend of his & I while I HATE him not wearing one, I won’t say anything anymore, I said it once, that was ’nuff for it is not my place to be his personal nagger.

It was a good weekend & I really had so missed my Monday Lunches outings.

I am glad to be back.