Is Indy REALLY ‘going green?”

There has been lots of talk this past week with the Mayor’s new initiative to help Indianapolis, “Go Green.”
Personally, I can’t stand the term Green. Green this and green that, i get sooo tired of it. I do what I can, recycle, bring my own grocery bags and attempt to buy household products that are good for the environment (they can be costly), etc.
Anywho, the Mayor’s new plan, dubbed SustainIndy; will take on a number of environmental initiatives. Some of the initiatives: increasing bike lanes, planting more trees, lowering energy consumption and promoting green building practices. There has also been a lot of consideration in this movement about the air quality in Indiana. I think we rank 2nd to last out of the 50 states for air quality.
I think it’s great the Mayor is taking great strides, and SustainIndy might be his legacy, but he is missing a major opportunity and overlooking a serious, deadly and costly problem in Indianapolis. Tobacco.

1. There is still smoking in indoor workplaces in Indianapolis. Air quality readings in bars that allow smoking are incredibly high and dangerous and way above safe levels of exposure to particles according to the EPA. I have not heard anything from the Mayor about this issue.
How can we be green on the outside when some of our indoor workplaces have poorer air quality than outside?

2. Cigarette butts are the leading source of litter in the WORLD! Trillons of butts annually. Two billion cigarette butts a day people! Nearly all cigarette filters are composed of a bundle of 12,000 plastic-like cellulose acetate fibers. It can take years, in some cases up to fifteen, for the fibers to decay into a plastic powder that can’t be seen. As they do their deadly cargo is released. Mother Earth is not an ashtry. A good website on this:

Still, nothing on this from the Mayor regarding litter and cigarette butts.

I’m beginning to ramble, hopefully the Mayor doesn’t pass up this opportunity to take on these 2, serious and important issues that seriously effect our environment.