Internet Dating Pitfalls

I wrote this in response to a forum post by someone talking about EHarmony.

Ok, so my dating life is pretty much non-existant. I gave up on it for a while so I could focus on my health and getting into shape. That will make me feel better about myself and make me more attractive to date.

BUT, I have been on all the internet dating sites at some point. Being that most would probably be considered much better looking than me, you have a shot on some of the sites, but most of them are meat markets.

E-Harmony: I paid the membership fee for three months once. They kept sending me overly religous women, single mothers looking for a daddy, and VERY large women. I am monogomous, at the time not interested in dating women with kids at all, and I may have a few pounds, but these ladys were unhealthy. I only spoke to two, and one ended quickly due to religion, while the other, single mother, was supposed to call me to make a date, because her schedule was hard to get around, and she never did. This is free, has some decent looking ladies, and can be for looking for something less serious if you want. I personally wanted serious. I have spoken to a few ladies. I went on a date with one, who continued to talk about her weight watchers and counting calories, while I was trying to overlook a little weight she had. No go. If you are decent looking, you can try this, but as someone else said, every site has its wierdos. The pickings are best for lovely ladies here. Alot of them even fill in a decent profile. Unfortunately, like all the other sites too, you get Russians trying to find a husband, so watch for the broken english messages, especially when they try to give you an outside email right away. Another BIG problem with match is that they have to be a paying member as well to read and respond to your messages. Since they don’t tell you which ones have paid, you never know if you will get a reply. They do the local speed dating and Lock and Key events. I met an ex at an event, but the site itself isn’t very useful. She was a good girlfriend, but it just wasn’t meant to be. Meeting in person is always better in my opinion, and with the events you know the others are looking for a date too.

There are other, kind crappy ones too. Try to stay away from these: – mostly russian brides respond. – not to be confused with, many people just join for the stupid surveys, so it’s not so great – I think they just screen scan other sites in my opinion, because one girl I knew I saw on there, I met in real life and she said she didn’t post there, she posted on another site

I just don’t think Internet dating works, at least not unless you look good enough to attract the attention of a mate you would be attracted to, or unless you don’t look good and you get the attention of someone who thinks you are just as desperate as they are.

Good luck. I would rather meet someone through friends… but most of my friends are here on Mojo, and many single mojo people are just …”Having Fun” with each other, or have been screwed over and don’t date in Mojo circles anymore. My forays into meeting women in bars have been absolutely horrible so far. I am keeping my fingers crossed though.