Indy’s Record Store Day 2014!


Every music lover knows what the 3rd Saturday in April means, right? If not, you faux music lover you, then here’s your reminder: it’s Record Store Day! Inaugurated in San Francisco in 2008, this holiest of holy days is now celebrated by music fiends across the globe.

We here at IndyMojo have compiled a list of home town happenings on this sacred day in Indy. There will be music purchased. There will be beer drank, and there will most certainly be live performances. Hold onto your butts kids, because this Saturday is going to be glorious! Here’s a list of local RSD celebrations:

Luna Music: Block Party Stylee LUNA_site_masthead

5202 N. College Ave

Time: 8 am- 9 pm

What’s Happening:

Sidewalk sale consisting of thousands of $2 vinyls and $1 CDs.

Free grab bags full of special music loving goodies. Oh yeah, they’re free!

Upland Brewery’s specially formulated RSD IPA: Vinyl Tap!

Plenty of RSD special releases!

Live music right behind the store!! Hosted by DMA and Abby Golddust.


NOON Sedcairn Archives
1PM Sirius Blvck
2PM The Icks
3PM Margot & The Nuclear So and So’s
4PM Sleeping Bag
5PM We Are Hex

Here’s a peep from last year’s Luna festivities. It’s Ancient Slang:

Indy CD & Vinyl: b44649_20e3c631264144048bf25590cc1818d8.jpg_srz_p_357_213_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srz

806 Broad Ripple Ave

Whats Happening:
Special RSD releases including, but not limited to: oodles of new material and an expansive selection of vinyl supplies.

The fabulous folks at Sun King Brewery, 92.3, Musical Family Tree, and have sponsored an outdoor music tent. This ain’t just any old tent, though, it’s staffed by The Rock Lobster crew who’ll be pouring up drinks for those 21+.

Indoor and outdoor performances by some of Naptown’s finest including:


10am David Peck

11am DJ Helicon

Noon DJ Lockstar

1pm: Duchess -B2B- Boketto

2pm Cool Hand Lex

3pm DJ MetroGnome

4pm-8pm Deckademics DJ School students and instructors


Noon Raw McCartney

1pm The Bonesetters

2pm Greg Mullen & MaryAnn

3pm No Coast

4pm White Moms

5pm Jay Brookinz hosts a producer’s showcase

6:30pm Sirius Black


1051 E 54th St

10am- 9pm

What’s Happening:

First RSD celebration since 2012! Yay!

Sponsored by Gloryhole Records.

Live music commencing at Music noon (not in chronological order):

Adam Kuhn
Dead Frets
Everything, Now!
Ancient Slang (see previous video)
Hank Denim
The Kemps
Learner Dancer
Punk Talk
Vacation Club
Three Man Band
Apache Dropout

People of Indianapolis, as you can tell, there is a helluva a lot of stuff going on in honor of Record Store Day. Show your favorite independent record shop some love and come out to support this admirable cause! Let the countdown begin!