IndyMojo represents at the Indy’s Best and Brightest

This past Thursday I had the honor of heading to an awesome event/dinner after being chosen as one of Indy’s Best and Brightest this year. Basically they pick 10 people from 10 different categories such as accounting, government, law, etc. and then one gets picked as the *official* best and brightest of each group. It was a great event with nearly 1,000 people there and it was held in the brand spankin’ new Duke building off of 96th and Meridian on the Northside. Unfortunately, I didn’t end up winning in my category(Media, Sports & Entertainment), but I did meet some really cool peeps and have a great time. Plus, I was like one of the youngest nominees there, so I still have a few more years to give it a shot.

There were a couple of cool things that I wanted to share with all of you as far as the event went. The first was the fact that I had the best picture by far in the program that they handed out and put in the Indy Star last Thursday. If you remember, Zigs took some awesome pics of me for the spread and posted them online in the Mojo forums so that we could all vote for our favorite. Well, this is the one that made it into the program and believe me, it was definitely the crowd favorite:

Which one of these has a little Mojo flair?

Close-up of my mug:

Here is the right side of the crowd:

Left side of the crowd:

Also, there was another fellow mo’fo, Colleen, who was nominated as well. Even though we didn’t win the ultimate prize, we did look extremely sexy:

Here is Colleen’s pic:

We received parting gifts…losers.

Other mo’fos were in the house, too…the lovely Stephanie and Beth rocked it out with me and made me look daaaamn good at the same time.

I also need to mention that the always lovely Ashley Anne was also there working…she is a catering superstar. :)

Like I said – awesome times and hopefully more to come…I’ll blog about the rest of my weekend later…until then, feel free to fire up your blog and let all of us know what’s been going on in your life the past couple of days.