Indymojo Mixtape Competition – The Results!

At the end of the Summer, we threw out a challenge to all area DJ’s, asking them to submit a new mix to us, to be reviewed blindly by a panel of judges and scored/ranked accordingly, to determine a winner. (See full info here)

After a few weeks of listening, scrutinizing, and 2 rounds of scoring, we are ready to provide you the results.

1st, I want to introduce you to the panel of Blind Judges:

Rudy Kizer – DJ, Radio/TV host of Hit the Decks, Writer, Blogger.
Shannon Burton (aka Steady B) – Veteran DJ, producer, promoter
Richard Arima (aka Jangatha/JFet) – Veteran DJ, Producer, Sound Engineer
Danielle Look – Music Editor, writer, reviewer, interviewer
Matt Duncan – Music Blogger

I recused myself from the panel, as I was the only person who knew the identity of the submissions.

Each judge was given CD copies of all the mixes, marked only with numbers, and asked to rank the mixes based on quality of mixing, track selection, flow, and overall listenability.

Rudy Kizer on the Final 5: “Outstanding by final five – hair thin separation between them.”
– I personally felt the same way, and because of this, all 5 finalists will be receiving high-visibility gig opportunities in the near future.

That said, here are your FINAL 5, in the order in which they were scored, complete with fan page links and downloadable mixes:

1. Ganzarelli (Chris Ganz)

Judge comments:
Shannon: “High energy, consistent, good closer or a energy builder spot, good track selection”
Rich: “Hype, pretty decent mixing. Very intense, good club music”

As the winner, Ganzarelli will be receiving the grand prize, as outlined in the contest:
- Headlining slot at Altered Thurzdaze.
(on a mutually agreeable date)
- $100 cash
- Potential to open for a national act at one or more of Indymojo’s events.


2. Landerz (Michael Scantland)

Judge comments:
Shannon: “Good track selection, Feel Good vibe, a mix of underground and crossover could a appeal to new heads & old.”
Rich: “Well programed”
Duncan: “Decent mixing I was impressed but not obsessed”


3 (Tied). ShearGenu1s (Justin)

Judge Comments:
Shannon: “Sounded fun”
Rich: “Good mixing, doesn’t really build until the end which is pretty hot. Good programming”


3 (Tied). Kyu-Bik (Brady Kennedy)

Judge Comments:
Rich: “Good recording. Well programmed and mixed.”


5. Willie Grimez


Judge Comments:
Shannon: “Mixing was great, Analogue. Felt this was the best mix”
Rich: “Good mixing and flow. Old school.


I want to take a moment to thank everyone who submitted mixes! I’m glad I wasn’t a judge, as I personally liked most of the mixes in some way or another. Unfortunately, as it goes with contests, we have to have a winner of some sort. As mentioned above, the top 5 (one of which was previously completely unknown to me) are now on the radar, and will likely find their way onto an Indymojo lineup in the near future.

I’d like to extend a heavy thank you the judges for their time. They each sat down and gave them all several listens, ensuring a proper ranking.

I can see this becoming something we do on a semi-regular basis; perhaps once a quarter, to help turn up fresh talent, as well as get more DJ’s to put out new mixtapes, and give opportunities to those who may be getting overlooked. Stay tuned for more!