IndyMojo is the ONLY interactive/social indy website

Seriously, nothing else compares (to IndyMojo that is). And, no, I am not a homer, but, rather, an experienced social media surfer of sorts and I know what I speak. I used to peruse the web pages of NUVO in the mid 2000’s and while I had fun in the discussion forums (which are now defunct, btw), it pales in comparison to what you find at Mojo. NUVO was and perhaps still is good at what they do: providing off-beat news stories that you will not find at IndyStar.

You cannot and WILL not find a place like IndyMojo because, quite frankly, nobody else seems to give a damn about providing an interactive forum and one where you can actually meet people in a multitude of environments. IndyMojo does care, however.

You will not find such a place at IndyScene, Indy2Night,, or any other so-called Indy-based social media forums. Quite frankly, the aformentioned sites suck and are like a lesser-than NUVO or IndyStar.

I see IndyMojo as a place for the person who wants an interactive experience online as well as in-person meetups. I mean, where else can you post an impromptu party and actually have people show up to it? Nowhere but IndyMojo. And, where else can an online forum user post his/her own music/restaurant/movie reviews and actually have them on the front page of the website? Nowhere that I can think of…and I know because I personally tried to write an article for IndyDine and NUVO years ago and I had to go through SO much red tape just to have them considered. /rant

I just think that Mojo can provide the average person what they may be longing for in their day-to-day lives in terms of entertainment alone. I mean, who really likes going to the movies by themselves? I sure don’t, and with Mojo, you never have to (FREE movie passes right here please!!). That’s just ONE example of what I’m talking about…IndyMojo is just so far ahead of the game in terms of providing daily entertainment options for people who want to have somebody to do things with.

InyMojo is like a continuation of high school/college without all of the b.s. and I mean that in a good way. Take me, for example; I am 33 years old, most of my friends are either married and/or have moved out-of-state so where on earth am I supposed to meet new friends?? IndyMojo is seriously the answer for people like me and anyone else that wants to meet new people and explore all Indianapolis has to offer.

Anyways, I just wanted to take a moment to give thanks to JK and Smitty for carrying on the tradition that Hup started and I felt my two year anniversary on Mojo was as good a time as any to extend my own personal thoughts about what a great local website that it actually is.

So, seriously, what are you waiting for? Join IndyMojo and we’ll make you feel like a kid again with all of the fun we have:)….where there is no competition.