IndyMojo Exclusive Interview W/ Curtis B.

Curtis B is known internationally as a high octane performer and assiduous producer. Hijacking a huge variety of genres and fusing them into one well worked set has set him apart from other DJ’s, as well as his music production earning him many spots within Beatport’s Top 100 Breaks, Dubstep, & Electro House charts.

DTW014 Curtis B Chromatic Album Teaser by Curtis B

His tracks have been dropped by some of the biggest names in the EDM community. Artists such as Diplo, Wolfgang Gartner, Plump DJ’s, Reid Speed, & Icey have championed Curtis B’s unique sounds, earning him a reputation as one of the world’s most promising rising act.

After doing some research I realized it was hard to find much of anything on this rising star. This inclined me to contact him and get some answers before his first performance in Indy. This past week I was given the opportunity ask Curtis B a few questions.

Thank you for taking the time to answer a few question for us. I want to start off by saying we are honored to have you coming to play in Indy for our Altered Thurdaze. I am sure you will enjoy our crowd down here. Let’s start with the basics.

IM: You currently are in the Chicago, but is that where you are from?

CB: No, I’m originally from sunny Florida, which is definitely where the strong breaks influence comes from.

IM: What got you into the EDM scene?

CB: Funny story…Back in 97′ my girlfriend at the time forced me to go with her to one of these “Rave parties” her friends were going to. I was playing drums in a hardcore melodic band at the time and hated the idea. Long story short, we went to see a live PA called “Dub Tribe” which was a group of kids kneeling on the floor with a bunch of grooveboxes & synths. It was pretty amazing to see for the first time. By the end of the night I was sold. I got my first groovebox & sold the drums in 98′.

IM: What was one of the first Producer/DJ that caught your interest?

CB: That would have to be Mike & Charlie. An oldschool acid style funky breaks duo out of Sarasota, FL.

IM: You are well known for your breaks, who are some of your influences as a producer and a DJ:

CB: Honestly, to date I would have to give that one to Alex Metric over all, otherwise the list would take days to make.

IM: Your new album climbed the Beatport charts rapidly, tell us what set the direction of “Chromatic”.

CB: For me, Chromatic was two things, an exploration into a more melodic composition as well as multi genre production in various BPMs.

IM: Tell me about Drop The World.

CB: Drop The World is my new label imprint I started 1 year ago. The name refers to the world of music. Same concept as Chromatic if you think about it. Our first release “Sharkin” went to #20 on Beatport’s top 100 Dubstep which isn’t bad at all for a brand new label.

IM: What are your plans for 2012, anything in the works, anything you want to mention?

CB: I’ve pretty much made up my mind that this year I am going to write music I want to write, for myself, even if it doesn’t fit into a genre. As for the label, we have some pretty big projects coming up so keep your ears peeled.

IM: What can we expect from your set here in Indy?


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Find his album Chromatic on Beatport.

Catch Curtis B this Thurzday January 12th at IndyMojo’s Altered Thurzdaze. Located weekly at The Mousetrap on 56th and Keystone ave. Click image below for event details.

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