IndyMojo finds an official home on Wednesdays

Yesterday I went in to chat with my fine friends over at Landsharks (join their LIVE group here) in Broad Ripple to see how we could partner up and have a little fun. After sitting down with them for an hour or so and explaining to them what IndyMojo is all about, they were super excited to team up with us to do some really cool stuff in their bar.

Well, as many of you may or may not know, a ton of us IndyMojo Mo’Fo love to go get down at Landsharks on Wednesdays pretty much on a weekly basis (see video proof here), so of course I offered up that we should do something on Wednesdays together and see what kind of following we can get for an already super-fun night. They agreed and before you know it, we were in Landsharks last night, in the VIP section, hanging with Colts players, getting great shout-outs from the DJ and having ONE HELL of a good time.

This was our first Wednesday to do this, but from here on out Landsharks will be the official place to be for all of us crazy mo’fos on humpday evenings. Join us, won’t you?

Check out some pics in the Mojo Gallery from last night here.

Add yourself to the Landsharks LIVE group, by clicking here.

Wednesdays are so the new Saturdays.