Exclusive Sneak Peek: Hyperion 2013

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With just a few short days until Hyperion commences, it’s time for this year’s pre-fest sneak peak with Hyperion Director of Operations Sara Elifritz gives us the scoop below.


MOJO: What would you say was the most important thing you learned about organizing a festival at Hyperion 2012?

SE: Hire more staff! This year is going to allow me to focus more on things happening outside of the office, which is a huge relief!

MOJO: Does planning for the next event begin as soon as the last one ends? At what point in the year would you say you usually have a solid idea of which bands and performers will be on the bill?

SE: Planning for this year actually began about a month before Hyperion 2012 happened. We had the entire lineup finished in February of this year.

hyperion organizers

Hyperion organizers Brent Nixon, Sara Elfritz, and Alex “Herm” Schneider

MOJO: What is one aspect or angle of organizing Hyperion that most people aren’t aware of or would be surprised to learn?

SE: We don’t spend our free time rolling in piles of money. We’re just 20-somethings who wanted to build a big festival production on a small festival budget; so we did!

MOJO: What was the most successful thing about Hyperion 2012 that will be returning this year?

SE: The picnic! A lot of people didn’t know much about it last year, but those who did had a blast. We’ve expanded the picnic this year to add a dunk tank, an obstacle course, a bounce house, a pie-eating contest, a bloody mary bar, and even a parade featuring some of our performers.

MOJO: Tell me more about what you have planned for this year’s picnic and what people should do to get involved?

hyperion picnic

Jousting at the 2012 Hyperion Picnic

SE: Last year we had a mechanical bull, inflatable jousting, and beer Olympics at the picnic. We had people participating all afternoon and those who did loved it, but there were still a lot of people who missed out.

We’ve put a lot of effort into making the picnic known this year and are even going so far as to have a parade march through the campgrounds to tell everyone it is starting. This year we’re adding a huge obstacle course and bounce house, putting UV Hippo, Eumatik, Cosby Sweater, The Main Squeeze, The Twin Cats, IndyMojo staff, and Hyperion staff in a dunk tank, hosting a pie-eating contest and a bloody mary bar, and we’ll also see the return of jousting and beer Olympics.

Bull Riding at the 2012 Hyperion Picnic

Bull Riding at the 2012 Hyperion Picnic

Everything is free to the patrons, which I think is unique and will really encourage people to participate (except the bloody marys, which are $3 unless you complete an activity in the back of the program book). Sign ups for the pie-eating contest and the beer Olympics will happen in the General Store on Saturday at 11am. Beer Olympics will take 8 teams of 6 and the pie-eating contest will accept 6 participants, so people should have an idea of what they want to do when they show up. Everything else is just a show-up-and-play kind of scenario!

hyperion golf cartsMOJO: What was not a success that you’re glad won’t be returning to Hyperion 2013?

SE: The golf cart bandits made quite a ruckus last year. We’ve expanded our security team tenfold for this year and have taken some extra precautions to keep that from happening again. Word to the wise—Biker Bob (our new head of security) will not tolerate those shenanigans!


MOJO: In what other ways are you “upping the ante” at Hyperion 2013? hyperion lights

SE: SO MANY WAYS! We quadrupled the budget for the festival this year and only doubled the ticket price, so there will be a lot more bang for your buck. We’re adding a huge outdoor main stage this year that will host bigger talent than 2012. We’ve got a lot more performers and visual artists. The Helios stage in the Lunar Village (formerly Dome City) is going to be really cool. We’ve purchased a lot more lighting. We have schedule books and cloth wristbands and everything is going to generally be more awesome.

MOJO: Are you aware of any fan-sponsored events or activities going on (such as Camp Dangle)?

SE: I saw an event page pop up for Camp Dangle, which seems like a “giving tree” premise, which is really cool. There will also be a wedding at Hyperion this year.

hyperion artist

MOJO: What are your personal “can’t miss” sets for Friday and Saturday?

SE: Trackless, Audiodacity, and Sophistafunk. I can’t praise these guys enough!

MOJO: Should campers expect to park up the road and walk/shuttle to the festival grounds as they did last year?


SE: Yes. Busnectar will be running Thursday and Sunday for free. Festi-Cab will run all weekend and everyone will get two tickets for a free festi-cab ride when they pay to park.

MOJO: The festi-cab capacity is pretty small, right? What do they do if the cab is backed up?

SE: Yeah, but we have five of them. The bonus is they don’t have to wait for the cab to fill up like they will the bus, so the turn around time should be pretty similar.

MOJO: Your best piece of advice for campers headed out to Stable Studios this weekend?

SE: BUG SPRAY. Trust me on that one!

____________________________________________________________________________________ also suggests not missing the Twin Cats’ set Saturday night at 8:30 on the Apollo Stage as saxophonist Nick Gerlach makes his final appearance with the band. We’re sure it will be a night to remember!

papadosio hyp

Papadosio at Hyperion 2012

Also check out our interview with Hyperion 2013 headliner Papadosio.

Hyperion Music Festival

September 5-7, 2013
Stable Studios (Spencer, IN)

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