Indy PopCon – New Pop/Comic Convention in 2014

popconIn the past week, IndyMojo helped break the news about Indy PopCon, an Indiana Comic Convention coming to Indianapolis in 2014. Inspired by the likes of Gen Con and Chicago Comic Con, the convention is going to try to cater to the pop culture/comic/geek crowd, but with a bit of a twist. Whether it was fate or careful planning, this convention for Indy will focus on indie art, design, publishing, and development.

PopCon’s view is that Pop Culture is shifting away from the traditional model where one would have to be discovered in order to get their art/craft delivered to the masses. Instead, today’s pop culture is typically generated through hard work and YouTube, iTunes, and online publishing. You don’t need an agent, you just need a ton of hard work, some talent, and a little bit of luck.

IndyMojo is proud to be apart of PopCon in 2014 and will be working directly with the convention to expand on their music genres and after parties for the show. So what do you think? How can we best incorporate music into a traditional convention like atmosphere?

Stay tuned, as we’ll deliver more information about this Con as it becomes available.

Indy PopCon – Pop Culture and Comic Convention