Indy – First Month of Discovery

So I moved to Indy about four weeks ago ….but I have lived here on and off for the last eight months. During the last eight months, I was working as a consultant so I really don’t count that as my Indy experience. I would basically work and leave on a plane as soon as I got a chance to get back to Saint Louis. Plus a 70 hour work week isn’t conducive to social life.

Anyway, over the past four weeks this is what I have discovered to date:

1. Indy is the land of the “cougarella”…ohh beware.
2. Monon Coffee is great in Broad Ripple, but beware the meter guy who lurks (literally lurks) waiting for people to pull up and walk in to the coffee shop without putting money in the meter for a damn two minute visit to get a flippin morning coffee.
3. Plastic surgery really has taken off well here…just visit LuLus, Bellavita, or Sullivans.
4. There is some great music here…Rev Peyton for example but the washboard chick freaks me out.
5. Monon trail is cool but when you stop to take in the awesome beauty of the rivers….mosquitoes will suck you dry and calamine lotion becomes your best friend for a week.

More adventures to come so stayed tune…..