Indy Exploration Part 2 – Indy Newbie Adventures

So, the odyssey continues. I have the fortune of living in Broad Ripple and meeting very interesting, unique people. In my opinion, Broad Ripple is probably the coolest place to live in Indy. I have explored downtown a little, but from what I have seen it doesnt even hold a candle to the BRip…my made up nickname…unfortunately it connotes flatulence so it will probably not be picked up in normal Indy slang.

Why do I love Broad Ripple being from another city?

1. Proximity…..Where else can you reach fun, shopping, fun, drycleaners, fun, and meet interesting people any day of the week in Indy….and be there in five minutes?

2. Monon Trail….very cool….but I must admit that I am disturbed by how popular tight biker pants are here with men….dude I dont want to see that. Now on women feel free to indulge.

3. Water….Indy seems to have a shortage of water and the coolest thing (outside a man made reservoir and a bacteria infested toilet water in Geist)…is the canal. It is very relaxing and enjoyable. I just have to say one thing….who are these people fishing in it. C’mon it looks nice but there is no way that the fish in that are good to eat.

4. Cornflakes….ok I love those wonderful B.O. ridden people with long hair talking philosophy trying to save the world smoking a doobie……and drive BMWs that they got from their Daddies…..other people call them granolas or treehuggers….really I call them 21st century Yuppies…its cool to be antiestablishment. I like them because they make life just a little more interesting in conversation.

5. Darts…..Broad Ripple and Indy in general seems to have a fascination with darts. Lets go through the list: Brewpub, Tavern, Wellingtons, etc etc etc.

6. Trashy Spring Breakisque Bars….Landsharks ….need I say more :).

7. Music……I am constantly surprised by how many good bands you have here. It must be the high concentration of corn flakes.

8. More to come.

Right now I am wrapping up this entry about ready to leave for Europe…..and I have been given an assignment…. to put on as many French or european landmarks and other areas of interest (such as Eurotrash girls). So wish me luck and look for that next post.

PS: I am posting some video from my visits to St. Louis soon.