Indigo Child Enlists Richie August For Birthday Celebration

This Thurzday we are celebrating the birthday of Rob S AKA Indigo Child. Richie August has been added last minute to make the night even more special. Jin-XS and Ceebz will also be spinning, which makes this an event full of talent.

Richie August was once apart of dubstep mega group HULK with the late Alan Claw. Both of which, have made a very lasting impression of the Indy scene. Richie who hails from Chicago, has for the past few years been maintaining a successful solo career.

His tracks are deep and heavy with a very creative balance dirty basslines and synths. He has a wide range of collaborations and Beatport releases and been touring the country performing with some of the top names in the EDM world.

Indigo Child taps into the deeper darker parts of your soul. beats that vibrate your ribcage and send electrical currents through your body. every show is 100% raw talent and intimate with the audience. Indigo Child (Rob) wants to provide a connection between him and the audience to help people capture the side of themselves they dont normally see in themselves. This is the darker side of spirituality!

Rob is originally from Lancaster, PA and began his passion for music at an early age. Originally playing classical violin, Rob soon pursued other passions in the music world. His influences include trent resnor, pink floyd, and dieselboy. he began his DJing about 10 years ago and has steadily learned the ins-and-outs. He currently resides in Indianapolis playing several shows a week at Indy’s Moustrap and Doc’s Music Hall in Muncie. He is signed on the G9 Collective as of August 2012 and Cosmic Promotions since May 2012.

Over the last decade, Jin-XS has become a recognizable face in the Indianapolis DJ scene, across a broad spectrum of genres. Born in Uqbar, later moving to Broad Ripple in Indianapolis at the age of 3, Jin-XS spent much of his youth and teens in the rave, industrial, and hip hop undergrounds, but his work as a DJ began 1999 in Denver, when a cousin taught him the ins and outs of using DJ equipment. Around this time he also began teaching himself a variety of music software.

By 2003, he had begun his work with instrumental production and mastering the art of DJing itself, and continues to the present, spinning an eclectic mix of genres in some of Indianapolis’ biggest music venues. In 2009 he opened for “End:The DJ,” the #1 Industrial DJ in the world, at Gencon. He has been a show DJ with top acts such as My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult, The Ready Set, Naughty By Nature, and InnerPartySystem, and appeared in BET’s tour commercial for Murphy Lee. Currently is a part of the G9 Collective, IndyMojo’s DJ crew.

Ceebz is the DJing alter ego of 23 year old Cody Bowen. Ceebz has been performing since a trip to his first festival 2 years ago when he realized his passion for EDM and the want to play it for a crowd. He plays a few genres such as Moombahton and Drum n Bass but has a focus on Dubstep music, taking influences from artists such as Caspa, Bassnectar, Figure and Dream, just to name a few. Ceebz brings the bass and the vibes to make any event a banger, just get him behind the decks and let him go.

Thurzday, March 26th
The Mousetrap
5565 N. Keystone Ave
Indianapolis, IN

$3 Cover


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