Indianapolis going backwards in health…hmmm

“The metro area dropped to 44th in a national health and fitness ranking of the 50 most-populous areas in the country. Last year, the 10-county area was ranked 36th in the annual American College of Sports Medicine’s American Fitness Index. This year’s results were released Monday by the Indianapolis-based organization.”

Seeing how this is only out of the top 50 metro’s in the country, this is a pretty bad ranking. These rankings are determined by different factors.
“The survey measured personal health behaviors such as exercising, smoking and eating fruits and vegetables, as well as chronic health problems such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease. It also considered community factors such as recreational facilities, the “built environment” (acres of parkland, for example) and health policies.”

The statistics aren’t too kind to our city-“Less than half of Indianapolis residents are moderately physically active, and only a quarter eat five servings of fruits and vegetables a day, the study showed. More of us suffer from diabetes and asthma, and die from cardiovascular disease, than reported in the same survey in 2009″

“The survey cited 18 weaknesses for the metro area, in which local results were worse than the average national score. The obesity rate went up 1.3 percentage points to 28.6 percent. An already high smoking rate went up almost 1 percentage point to 23.5 percent. The death rate for cardiovascular disease per 100,000 people jumped to 250 from 216.

While the diabetes rate went up to 10.9 percent from 7.8 percent in 2009, the death rate per 100,000 people due to complications from diabetes improved to 20.7 from 23.8.”

So for the year the city became more obese, more people started smoking, more people were diagnosed with diabetes, and more people died from cardiovascular disease. These aren’t good trends.

But we are better than theses cities:

46. Louisville, Ky.

47. Detroit

48. Memphis, Tenn.

49. Birmingham, Ala.

50. Oklahoma City, Okl.

So at least Louisville and Detroit are still beneath us.


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