Indianapolis Colts

So we all know that the Colts haters are out there laughing it up because of the 6-5 “mediocre” record that the Colts have so far this year. Everyone has gotten use to seeing the Colts dominate. All the fair weather fans would be worried and to be honest, probably for good reason, but if you look at what they are doing with what they have, it is impossible to not be amazed.

With a 6-5 record and currently in 2nd place in the South I dont see any reason to worry. They play Dallas this week (easy!), at the Titans the next week, where they usually get torched by Vince….oh wait, isnt Vince out? Then Jacksonville comes here and I just dont see them beating us at home! Then we go to Oakland and this one is the game I think we should win, but we probably will blow it and then we are back here for the Titans. I see us sweeping the Titans, beating Dallas and Jacksonville, but I think we let one slip away in Oakland. This would put us 10-6 overall with a 4-2 division record.

Obvious wild card game, but in the playoffs and in the hunt. Its amazing how many fans are all about them when they are killing teams and then are all “moody” when they start losing.

So I am curious on what your thoughts are. Comment on what you think they will do with the rest of the year and explain why you think that.