Incoming! Keller Williams and More Than A Little

keller 2

Three hundred and fifty nine days after his last performance in Indy, and Keller Williams finally returns to the Vogue on Jan. 24. He couldn’t have come any sooner, as it’s time for the city to shake off its hibernation blues. Luckily for fans, it won’t just be Keller getting down all on his own. He’s bringing his new project, More Than A Little, to heat the venue up, too.

keller 1Williams’ cheerful lyrics and playful instrumentation are enough to thaw even the chilliest of bones. Armed with a dynamic one-man show, Williams’ first set promises unique entertainment. His meticulous arrangement of sound is fascinating both visually and audibly. From his intricate loops to fan favorites like “Freaker By the Speaker”, the audience has a lot to anticipate from solo Williams.

That’s not all, though, because this year Williams is playing not one, but two sets of his jam tunes. The first half will be solo and the latter set will be comprised of Keller Williams with More Than A Little, his newest glowing soul and funk project straight from Richmond, VA. If you’ve not yet heard them, imagine Keller hashing out groovy originals and covers supported by women with big, beautiful voices larger than their own afros.

keller 3

Last year he cranked out his expletive laden gem “Gate Crashers Suck” and a cover of the Grateful Dead classic “Shakedown Street”. These choice tracks, and plenty others, have only helped build high expectations for this upcoming show. Make sure to mosey on over to The Vogue on January 24th to catch  “more than a little” bit of this multifaceted artist. It’ll be a funkadelic way to groove out of this Midwest tundra.