In honor of my IRISH Heritage & our wonderful drinking holiday!

Yes, my heritage is Irish (as well as American Indian…that’s just the most obvious!!)…

above is my family’s irish crest, pretty interesting…if i could understand it!!

here’s what i know about it:

Byrne:O Broin (bran, raven). A formost sept in east Leinster, prominent in Irish history, especially in the resistance to English conquest. Byrne is now of the most numerous names in Ireland.

the color red = warrior or matryr; military strength
the mermaind = eloquence
the hands = pledge of faith, sincerity, and justice
certavi et vici = I have fought and conquered

i dont know too much more about it other than what i can find on the internet…but i thought i should pay a little tribute to my heritage that gives me the ability to drink as much as i do without giving me the red hair and freckles to go with it!! :)

Happy St. Patty’s Day everyone!!