In Home Personal Training

Too busy to go to the gym? The gym comes to you. You can work out on your lunch break, or at any time of day that fits your schedule. No more excuses!

When you work out at home or in your office with an in-home personal trainer, you don’t have to compete with anyone, dress up for anyone, or work out to impress anyone. The focus is solely on you and achieving your goals. No more excuses!

Many people already have equipment at home, and don’t want to join a gym (and shouldn’t have to!) You may own exercise tapes that you don’t watch (or ONLY watch, and don’t actually participate.)

You have probably researched about weight training, and have a basic understanding of what to do, but you’re not doing it correctly or effectively. That’s why having a personal trainer is a great option.

Having an in home personal trainer work with you can teach you how to safely and effectively use the equipment you have, motivate you (when you have the time and resources and just don’t do it anyway) and keep you accountable right in your home to improve your fitness and health.

Please let me know what your thoughts are in regards to putting your thoughts into action.


Zach Dirr

Certified Personal Trainer
Operator/Owner-Zach Dirr Elite Performance LLC