In FIVE years…

…wow, that seems so far away…yet, it’s also just around the corner.

For me, i hope to be completely done with not only my Bachelor’s in Business but also my Masters in Psychology. At this point I should be well on my way into my Doctorate for Psych. During this process I hope to be achieving and growing with Australian Gold in my marketing role with the understanding that I will be leaving to pursue my true passion of helping others with a private practice as a psychologist. In five years the private practice will just be in the planning stage, but well under way!

I also hope to be happily married! While im still on the prowl for ‘The One’, five years should be enough time to find that person that will be willing to support my overall #1 goal above! Family planning would begin to take place as well. I had planned years ago to have kids by hell 25, but i see now that would have been so life altering. In 5 years, at 30, a good age to begin the family process.

Owning a home with the one i’m with. Im sick of the apartment living, but i want school to be a top priority and if that means apartment living for 4-5 years then so be it, but if im married im hoping together we can have a house that we can call our own.

Being out of debt would be another ultimate goal, but the constant school will make that a bit of a challenge!

That’s the main plans for now…i’ll add more as i continue to ponder this topic! :)