In five years…

I know what I want to accomplish in about a year: graduation from college.

After that, I’m going to be working towards my Masters in the Art of Teaching (MAT). I’m hoping to teach History and Japanese Language at the high school level, or teach in elementary education (something about the idea of working with 5 and 6 year olds all day makes me smile.)

As much as I used to dislike Indiana in general, I’m now hoping to stay in Indianapolis and teach for a few years. Along with that, I’m also hoping to get married and start a family, though that’s going to wait until after I’ve graduated.

My longer term plans include getting a PhD. in History, specialization in Japanese History. I’m also tossing around the idea of writing a book on the Occupation period of Japanese history (August 1945 – 1952), focusing on common people’s opinions and day-to-day life, the War Crime Trials and Hirohito’s exemption from them, and the repercussions of the Occupation in modern-day Japan. Sounds boring to some, but to me, it’s one of the most interesting things about Japanese history.

I think the next five years are going to be a good time in my life, full of happiness, love, and learning. :)