Improved muscle recovery & Immune system function

Antioxidants: Vitamins C & E

Benefits of Vitamin C
1. Reduces generation of free radicals following exercise (preventing muscle and immune-system damage).
2. Works synergistically with Vitamin E (enhanced effects).
3. Recommended dosage: 250-2,500 mg/day

Benefits of Vitamin E
1. Improves circulation.
2. Relaxes leg cramps.
3. Promotes tissue repair.
4. Inhibits oxidation of free radicals.
5. Enhances oxygen utilization and protects other vitamins from destruction by O2.
6. Improves the body’s response to injury.

1. Source of energy for white blood cells and other immune cells.
2. Plays a vital role in maintaining the gastrointestinal system.
3. Body levels become lowered after endurance exercise.
4. May lessen the effects of overtraining.
5. Strong anti-catabolic effect (preserves muscle mass) because it stimulates the entry of other amino acids in the cell.
6. Recommended dosage is 8-20 grams daily.

Benefits of WHEY PROTEIN
1. Is a by-product of cheese production.
2. Enhances glutathione production (natural anti-oxidant).
3. Shown to boost immune system (highest level of branched-chain amino acids).
4. Exits the stomach faster and thus is absorbed more quickly.
5. Dissolves easily in water!

Benefits of SOY PROTEIN
1. High in branched chain amino acids and glutamine
2. Exert an estrogenic effect (may be counter productive for male athletes, though beneficial for women).
3. Disadvantages