I’m so professional

To set the scene: Every Monday afternoon we have a meeting to discuss all the “Severity 1″ issues that occurred the week before. In attendance are most of the managers of the various IT teams and a few directors. They are laughing about a ticket that was just put in for a machine that doesn’t have network connectivity. The reason it’s funny is because it quotes a bird or mouse getting into the machine as the cause. They’re joking about what the heck we’re supposed to do about that.

Me: “Well, the answer is simple.” *silence* “Regardless of whether it’s a bird or a mouse, all you have to do is get a cat”
Director: “Yeah. Then we have a cat running around and the ticket will now be about a cat screwing stuff up”
Me: “Well, when the cat becomes a problem, you get a dog. And when the dog becomes a problem you get a giant rooster. It’s a proven system.”

Responsible, yes. Grown up? Not a chance.