I’m just not one of “those” girls…

No, not “those” girls.

You know… the girls that look good no matter what the weather?? You all know who I’m talking about.. you either work with her, or see her on campus. Or maybe she’s just a stranger you see on the street.

In any case, she’s “that” girl. It’s 18 degrees outside, snowing like mad, and for some reason or another, she still looks great. Her hair is still perfectly curled with a few snowflakes in it to make it look angelic. And no matter how hard the wind blows, her hair never gets in her face. Her make up is still perfectly in place, not a smudge on her. Her jeans or slacks have some how magically kept dry. Her Northface or Columbia jacket perfectly matches her Uggs. (Don’t think that for one second that was a coincidence).

She’s THAT girl.

Or when it’s raining, she has a cute little umbrella to carry. Forget the fact that IUPUI is a commuter campus and that you don’t have the opportunity to go to your room or car to grab things you need for your classes; hence you bring everything with you in a little backpack that weighs 50 lbs and just DO NOT have an extra arm to carry an umbrella.

But she does. She is carrying a little purse with ONE book and by some miracle of Jesus Christo has plenty of room for her umbrella.

I’m just not one of those girls.

I’m 5’2 and all my pants are too long for me. I’ve come to terms with it.. I’m just always going to walk on my pants. I’m not trendy or stylish so I don’t have the cute snow bunny attire. My hair’s a mess and in my face as I try to balance my 50 lb backpack and my huge oversize coat that I’m swimming in. I’m walking in all the slushy, black snow and my feet are freezing.

I’ve never been particularly graceful in bad weather.. I just don’t handle it well.

I applaud you, graceful girl in bad weather.

And now I’m going to push you into the slushy, black snow.