Im chasing It

Im chasing this dream we go round and round

We like tag on the elementary school playground

They call me Bright Fame Im glory bound

Not a canine but im a glory hound

Circle City repper I love Naptown

In the comedy world I put it down

Don’t where make up but you can call me a clown

Im talkin bout tellin critical jokes

You gonna be fiend when you get this comical coke

Call me fire cause I see some smoke

Imma have you laughing until you choke

Got comedy for the intellectual and the dopes

Could it be hot air and all kinds of false hope

Me not make it impossible nope

Imma Irish whip you into the comedy ropes

Then land a dropkick to ya funnybones

Cause Im chasing it and I got plenty of speed

Give me a stage a crowd a mic its all I need

Comedy is in my veins you should see me bleed

Im high off laughter jokes are my weed

Im a hilarious growth from an unfunny seed

Give me a 3 minute set and you will know what I mean

Im chasing it gotta catch my dream

Not just a fake smile im full of self esteem

I got perfect aim dont need a red beam

Trust me you definetly want to be on my team

Cause I can murder you with a single thought

Life lessons learned ive been comedicaly taught

The worst jokes I think of funnier than anything you brought

So keep yo mouth shut so you dont get caught

Hecklers recieve absolutely no mercy

I will have you in your seat sayin please dont hurt me

Ill cut you up and show you that you are not worthy

If you came with a girl she will prolly be worried

If you by yourself then i suggest you leave in a hurry

Cause Im chasing it Bright Fame A.K.A. Deon Curry