What up my Mofo’s!
Just a quick blog here about some icing that I incurred coming into Knoxville, TN a week back. Now I will start off by saying that icing IS a normal occurance that happens in the clouds at certain temps while flying and we do have anti-icing equipment to conteract the build up on our leading edges of the wings and engine inlets. What is odd about these 2 pictures you are seeing (top & bottom) is the amount. It is rare to see a build up of 2+ inches or rime ice on an airplane on the ground after landing. In the top picture you are seeing that build up gathering on our windshield wipers as we broke out of the clouds. Now in the second picture you are actually seeing a picture that I took of the static wicks that have an approximately 3inch circle of ice surrounding them. This picture I sent to the head of my training department and to some people at Boeing, and not one of them has EVER seen ice build like that on a static wick. So this could be a very rare picture that you are seeing.
Oh and to answer any of your questions, the plane did start to shutter on the decent to landing at 350knts. It was a little shaky and somewhat disturbing to fly but it all ended well!
Well I just thought I would share some of these pictures with my fellow mofos, to show you something you may not normally see……..ever.
Talk to you all later
And as always………..Good Times!