I want to start a party boy fan club

Last night was one of the roughest losses that we have had since we starte playing the wonderfully fun sport known as kickball. I mean, we were up by 3 runs heading into the last inning…seriously. But even with the devastating loss that we took, it was all ok. It wasn’t ok because we take losing lightly or because a few of us were drinking…oh no. It was because we had the pleasure of being entertained by Mr. Natetastic, aka Party Boy!

Party Boy basically consisted of my man Nate, a techno-filled boombox, a bowtie and some breakaway pants. Whether Party Boy was shakin’ his money maker during the game or afterwards in Broad Ripple, he never disappointed. Party Boy is my hero, from now until forever.

Rock on, Party Boy. Check out more pics from last night here in the Mojo Gallery.