I want to be Persian

This past weekend, Ryan and I ventured to the Montage, literally 100 feet away from my apartment complex, and went to my friend Mercedeh’s wedding. Mercedeh (Mercy) is one of my close friends who I grew up with in Cheesetown (Chesterton…go Trojans!) She met Josh at IU and they are a GREAT match! It was an awesome wedding because probably half of the guests are good friends of mine and they are ALL effing crazy!!

The wedding itself was outdoors with flawless weather. After the traditional “American” ceremony, there was a Persian ceremony, because Mercedeh and her family are Persian. The Persian ceremony was SO awesome! Very different from an American wedding, which is probably why I loved it. Check out my pics… i captured some sweet Persians in action.

After the ceremony, we had some killer hors d’oeuvres, drinks, and such. The food was great… a little different, but good. When the dancing extravaganza began, everyone got even crazier. It was great to shake my booty with all of my best friends!! Since the wedding was Persian, about every other song was Persian techno music… innnnnteresting to say the least :)

Before the cake was cut, it is Persian tradition to do a knife dance. Now, I really have NO idea why or what this knife dance is BUT I can tell you that it rocked. The bridesmaids take the knife (in this case, the sword) and seductively dance for the groom individually… he pays them off and then seduces the bride and theeeen they go cut the cake. it was odd, but I loved it.

We drank a lot, and took waaaaay too many pictures. Now I want a Persian wedding….