I want some bailout money too!

So, Magen posted a forum entry telling about the fact that the porn industry is asking for bailout money. Forum Post About Porn Bailout

I had heard the Casinos had put in for bailout money too, so why not the adult industry. I think it is a good statement to make, that they are just giving away our money to save companies who screwed themselves up. If a company does not continue to come up with new better products which will continue a revenue stream, then they fail, which is what happened with the auto industry. The porn industry is just saying as long as you are being frivolous with our money, everyone may as well ask for some.

I don’t want my tax money going to save any of them. If they want to keep them running, to keep the economy going, then just have the government buy them out, and regulate them all. While the government is not much better about this, maybe they could regulate the salaries of the Board members who are paying themselves too much. The UAW is taking a cut, but the Board members just get rid of a few minor perks. I heard some of them then proceeded to give themselves raises to make up for it.


All we are doing is giving them money. The auto industry can continue producing cars they charge too much for and not alot of people can buy right now. Banks can charge us interest, not to mention American Express becoming a Bank Holding Company so they can continue to charge us 24% interest on a credit card. And what about hard working people who are struggling just to get money for retirement when they can’t work anymore.

The world is a toilet right now. The government just sprinkles it with money, and in the end, it all gets flushed down the drain. Change MIGHT be coming (keeping my fingers crossed he can actually do something), but it won’t be quick.

Fuck it! I am moving to Australia.